Shirt Says “No, Seriously I Have Drugs” and Police Say Really He Did

PASCO COUNTY, Florida (KRON) — A Florida man is letting his t-shirt do the talking after his arrest on drug charges.

Prosecutors say 50-year old John Balmer was arrested at K-Mart this week while wearing a black t-shirt that read “Who Needs Drugs?” then underneat “No, seriously I have drugs.”

Police say when Balmer saw officers watching him, he tried to hand a “bag of green leafy substance” to the person behind him in the checkout line who wanted nothing to do with it.

Police say they then watched Balmer put a paper bag on the ground, walk forward, and pay for his purchases. When officers searched the bag they say it contained methamphetamine and cannabis.

Balmer reportedly has declined to answer questions following his arrest but authorities say the shirt may tell the story.

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