Story Of Woman Who Developed Nymphomania After Muni Accident Becomes Local Musical

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — One of the City’s most bizarre sex scandals involving a devout Lutheran girl-turned-nymphomaniac is now a musical.

“I first found the idea for the piece doing a web search for San Francisco sex scandals,” says associate producer Tony Asaro. “When I read it I thought, ‘That is a musical.’”

Asaro is referring to a 1964 accident that left a Muni cable car passenger with some bumps and bruises — and an insatiable appetite for sex.

Gloria Sykes, 23, reportedly hit her head on a pole when a mechanical problem caused the Hyde Street cable car to slide backwards down the hill. Sykes later sued Muni and the City of San Francisco for $500,000 claiming she had suffered from mental trauma and uncontrollable sex urges.

The victim’s attorney, Marvin Lewis, said his client had intercourse with over 100 men following the incident — 50 of them in one week, according to newspaper accounts. Her lawyers told jurors that the sexual abuse she suffered as a child coupled with the trauma of the accident had caused her to seek comfort in men. Sykes was awarded a $50,000 settlement.

FOGG, for “Focus on Golden Gate,” a non-profit arts organization, brings the drama of the courtroom and the Sykes’ bedroom to the stage “against the backdrop of the sexual revolution.”

“The Cable Car Nymphomaniac is a pro-woman musical ripped from San Francisco headlines,” FOGG’s website says.

Beginning Friday, Jan. 16, the FOGG Theatre Company will start a 14-show run of “The Cable Car Nymphomaniac,” the theatre’s first musical production.

All performances at Z Below, 470 Florida St, San Francisco.

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