British Dad Gets Four Years for Sending Three-Year Old to Nursery School with Bag of Cocaine

KENT, England (KRON) — A British dad will spend the next four years in prison after sending his three-year old son off to pre-school with a napsack full of cocaine.

Workers at the “Smarty Pants Nursery” say they opened up the bag at lunch and found the cocaine along with a scale and two knives instead of the sandwich and treat they expected.

23-year old Lee Webb claimed he was just holding the drugs for someone else but refused to testify against that other person.

The judge sentenced him to four years in prison but not before giving the errant dad a tongue lashing.

“Your stupidity put children at risk and I consider the potential exposure to children of these drugs is so serious only an immediate custodial sentence can be justified,” Judge James O’Mahony said while imposing sentence.

Webb reportedly admitted it was a mistake to mix up the rucksacks and says he feels remorse for what happened to his child.

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