Mom Reports Deadhead Son Missing After 20 Years

MYRTLE BEACH, South Carolina (KRON) — If you’re a Deadhead originally from South Carolina who hasn’t talked to your mom in nearly 20 years, police hope you’ll phone home.

63-year old Mararetta Evans showed up at the police station earlier this week in Myrtle Beach to report her son missing since June of 1995.

Police say Jason Patrick Callahan, who would now be 38, told his mom that he was leaving “to follow the Grateful Dead.”

Callahan had no marks, scars, or tattoos when he left home at the age of 18. He had wavy blonde hair and brown eyes and stood between 5’10” and six feet.

Police don’t say why it took Evans so long to file a missing persons report but it may be because of recent publicity about efforts to identify a Grateful Dead fan known as “Grateful Doe” who died in a Virginia traffic accident with Dead tickets in his pocket.

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