MY KRON4 STORY VIDEO: Bicyclist Seriously Hurt at Dangerous East Palo Alto Intersection

EAST PALO ALTO (KRON) — An East Palo Alto man is facing months of difficult and expensive medical care after he was struck and injured while riding his bicycle Monday.

Maria Lopez reached out to KRON 4 with her “My KRON 4 Story” after seeing what happened to her uncle who was left to fend for himself after a car ran into him at the corner of Clark and Bay.

She says that’s becoming a more dangerous intersection in recent months.

“They’ve opened a new restaurant there and they have little markets so it attracts a lot more people. So there’s always people crossing, walking, bikes and cars. There’s no bike lanes in any of these streets in East Palo Alto. The vehicles and bicycles have to share the roads.”

Police have been unable to identify the driver responsible for Maria’s uncle’s injuries.

“These cars are driving way too fast. In these intersections we’ve heard of a lot of accidents there. My aunt says she couldn’t even cross the street to get to him because cars wouldn’t even stop for her. And this is at a stop sign.”

Maria’s uncle has several broken ribs, a broken arm, and internal injuries.

She’s asking the city to intall a light and increase patrols in the area. And she hopes the driver who caused the accident will come forward and accept responsibility.

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