VIDEO INTERVIEW: New Niners Coach Tells Gary Radnich He Wasn’t Hired for His Personality

SANTA CLARA (KRON) — It’s not about the personality.

That’s what new San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Tomsula says about why he got the job to replace Jim Harbaugh in Santa Clara.

In a live interview with KRON 4’s Gary Radnich, Tomsula says he made a point of praising the people in the front office for the Niners and his family.

“To me that’s where it all starts. That’s what it all is. That supports everything that you see in the front. I admire what they do and the jobs they do. I admire my familty because they’re still sticking with me.”

Tomsula didn’t want to talk in detail about how he will be different from Harbaugh other than saying he won’t wear cleats on game day. He also seemed uncomfortable talking about having to live in his car early in his coaching career.

“Everybody makes that sound like it was some terrible experience. It was fine. Yeah, I lived in my car. I had a black lab and a cat and we lived in the car for a few months while I was getting back into coaching. My wife and daughters were visiting family but I promise you Gary it was in North Carolina, it wasn’t in Maine. It was warm and it was okay. A lot of people put a twist on that like it was Grizzly Adams in a parking lot or something, but I promise you I was getting to coach some ball and I was selling entrance mats.”

Follow Gary and KRON 4’s Jason Appelbaum on Twitter and watch KRON 4 for complete analysis of the coaching changes for the Niners and the Raiders this week.

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