STUDY: About 80% Of Americans Support Mandatory Labeling of Foods Containing DNA

STILLWATER, Oklahoma (KRON) — About four out of five Americans support laws requiring mandatory labeling of all foods for DNA.

That’s even though virtually all foods, both plant and animal, contain the basic building blocks of life.

A study from the Oklahoma State University School of Agriculture finds 80% of Americans think foods containing DNA should be labeled. That’s about the same amount who support labeling of Genetically Modified foods (GMO’s).


“86.5% of respondents support mandatory country of origin labels for meat,” economist Jason Lusk writes in his analysis of the study. “A large majority (82%) support mandatory labels on GMOs, but curiously about the same amount (80%) also support mandatory labels on foods containing DNA. The least popular policies were bans on transfats, bans on sales of marijuana, and a tax on sugared sodas. Only about 39% of respondents supported a sugared soda tax.”

Some researchers say ignorance about basic science has important public health and discourse consequences.

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