MY KRON 4 STORY VIDEO: Stolen Football Equipment Could Cancel League for At-Risk Kids

SAN JOSE (KRON) — A spring football league that helps at-risk kids stay off the streets may not be able to play after thieves ripped off about $20,000 worth of equipment.

In a My KRON 4 Story, the coach of the San Jose Hit Squad says he’s still at a loss for words after opening up a storage locker and finding it empty.

“My heart dropped when I opened up the door and I saw there was nothing in there because we’ve worked hard to get where we’re at,” Coach Shannon Roberts tells KRON 4’s Rob Fladeboe. “A lot of us have put in a lot of work for this program, not just myself but everyone involved.”

The Hit Squad is like a prep league for high school student-athletes.

“We really focus on keeping the kids off the street and touching the at-risk youth,” the coach adds. “We don’t turn away kids that don’t have the money.”

The stolen equipment includes top of the line helmets and gear for larger high-school kids, mostly donated by parents, community members, and sponsors.

“Whoever did this, you have to deal with yourself every night and you have to realize you took from some kids that are trying to change their lives, that are trying to stay off the street,” the coach says.

Coach Roberts says if the league can’t find a way to replace the equipment, the season could be in jeapardy.

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