TECH REPORT: 3D Figurine Makes Great Valentine’s Day Gift

Here’s what it looks like inside the 3D booth, you’re surrounded by dozens of high end cameras that scan your body. You have to hold still for 3 seconds while they do the body scan.

You review the pose… if you don’t like it do another one…

Once you have selected a pose that’s it…

A week later you will get your 3D printed figurine in the mail.

They are made out of full-color powdered sandstone.

The prices range from $30 up to $100 depending on the size you pick.

You can bring props such as your pets, and they can do group shots of up to 5 people.

I saw a lot of examples where the likeness looks right on.

Even the writing on a t-shirt will transfer over and be visible on the 3 dimensional mini me dolls.

It’s a cool gift I think for loved ones… or a gag gift… or a way to preserve a memory in a new dimension.

The company behind this is called twindom.

The Valley Fair Mall In San Jose is the first to have one of their 3d photo booth kiosks.

If you want to check them out they are just outside the Macy’s at the mall.

If you want one for Valentine’s Day you need to get your scan by closing time on Saturday.

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