State Officials Urge Residents to Understand Insurance Coverage

CALIFORNIA (BCN)–  With the second rainstorm hitting the Bay Area today, officials with the California Department of Insurance are urging residents to inventory their belongings and learn about flood insurance.

“The series of storms driven by sub-tropical moisture has the potential to cause localized flooding,” California Department of Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones said in a statement. “These events are another reminder of the importance of updating your home inventory and learning more about the Federal Flood Insurance Program because traditional homeowner policies do not provide this coverage.”

Insurance officials also said it’s important for renters and homeowners to understand their insurance coverage because although flood damage is typically not covered, damage to a roof, windows or falling trees may be covered.

Having an inventory of belongings can make it easier to get the belongings replaced in the event they are lost or damaged. Making an inventory is easier now with the ability to take smart phone photos and store the photos in an electronic cloud account.

Officials also suggest scanning copies of important documents, such as mortgage papers, deeds and insurance policies, and storing them in a cloud or email account or on a portable drive.

Many areas of California are subject to flooding, officials said, and areas that don’t usually flood could do so during or after a severe storm.

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