VIRAL VIDEO: So What Does President Obama Do When No One’s Around?

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — The President of the United States of America is … well, he’s kinda like the rest of us.

A viral video posted by BuzzFeed shows President Barack Obama’s personable side in a clip titled “So What Does President Obama Do When No One’s Around?”

The pres is shown having private moments in front of a mirror — a rather grimy mirror — such as practicing his smile and modeling sunglasses. We later see him in the office having milk and cookies and practicing jump shots.

The video is being received with mixed reviews … because politics, of course.

“I love that Obama is one of those types that always cracks jokes and can make fun of himself. Hate on him all you want, but guess what?#hewonbothofem,” said Rachel Troumbly on BuzzFeed’s Facebook post.

Lois Heckman said, “we not only have one of the smartest, most progressive Presidents – ever- but also a cool, funny, amazing person!!!”

And there are the haters.

“Doesn’t he have something better to do like dig his head out of the sand, grow a pair and take a stand against Isis? What a jerk!,” said Christy Sanders Gilman.

What are your thoughts? See video below…

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