Santa Ana Teen Heads to Court After Plotting to Kidnap Roommate’s Newborn

Woman plots to kidnap a new-born, and plan goes horribly astray

SANTA ANA (KRON) — A Santa Ana teen heads to trial today for an elaborate scheme to kidnap her roommate’s newborn baby. Gladys Remigio was arraigned in December 2011 for allegedly plotting to steal her roommate’s baby with the help of two gang-members, 20-year-old Steven Quirino and 19-year-old Robert Rodriguez.

The plot seemed to be a cover-up for a woven lie.

“She’s engaged to a guy who thinks that she’s 8 months pregnant and working in New York City. But she’s not pregnant” Santa Ana Police Cpl. Anthony Bertagna said in 2011.

Her plan was to steal her roommate’s two week old baby, and claim it as her own.

Remigio enlisted Quirino and Rodriguez to stage a robbery, and kidnap the baby, and drive her to her fiancé’s house, according to police. The plan went askew when Quirino and Rodriguez fled the scene and left Remigio and the baby.

In her frustration of being left behind, Remigio reported the incident to police, giving the location of where her accomplices might be. As police searched for Quirino and Rodriguez, Remigio fled without the baby to San Diego county, where she called her future mother-in-law and claimed she had been kidnapped. According to police, Remigio said her kidnappers had induced labor and were holding her baby hostage for $10,000.

But the story gets weirder…

Soon after the call, Remigio showed up at her future mother-in-law’s house, told her the kidnapping had never happened, and that she threw the baby into a trash can, according to Bertagna.

Police combed trashcans looking for the fetus, and when they found nothing, re-visited Remigio’s story. At that point Remigio admitted she had fabricated the entire story to keep her fiancé. The baby, meanwhile was unharmed back in Santa Ana.

Remigio faces charges of first degree residential robbery, conspiracy to commit a crime, and street terrorism. If convicted, she would face life in prison.

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