VIRAL VIDEO: Driver Tossed Out Of SUV After Snowy Crash

CLEVELAND, Ohio (KRON) – Dramatic new video captured on a patrol car dashcam shows the scene of a crash on an icy slick roadway in which one of the drivers gets ejected from his car

The Ohio Highway Patrol released the video as a reminder to motorists to use caution when driving in hazardous weather.

The incident, which happened during a snow storm in January, shows an SUV spin out on the highway, crash into a guardrail, veer back towards the road and then collides into a car. The driver of the SUV is ejected and sent sliding across the highway.

Luckily, lands in front of the patrol officer’s cruise, gets up to his feet and stumbles to the side of the road.

“Crashes like this one from January serve as reminders to be careful when driving in winter conditions. Slow down, pay attention, leave distance between yourself and other vehicles and always wear your safety belt. Also, remember to #moveover for emergency vehicles!”

The driver told Fox 8 Cleveland that he only remembers sliding, then waking up on the road and then trying to get out of the way.

(Copyright 2015, KRON 4, All rights reserved.)

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