VIDEO: Fireman Arrested After Bragging About Shooting Dogs on Facebook

WARNING- Contains graphic images

HUNT COUNTY, TX (KRON) -– A former north Texas fireman is facing two counts of felony animal abuse after bragging about shooting two dogs on Facebook.

Wednesday morning, Tim Conatser of Royse City, Texas turned himself in to the Hunt County Sheriff’s Office.

He has been charged with 2 counts of cruelty to livestock animals, with bond set at $10,000.00

This all stems from this picture that Contaster posted to his Facebook account in February.

030415 Tim Conatser 2

Conatser captioned the picture, ““Somebody didn’t put any truth to my warning. Keep your dogs on your property.”

A family friend, Kevin Forester, is standing by his friend. “He’s getting a bad rap,” said Kevin Forester.

“The two dogs were in his barn, tearing up his calf in the barn so he went in the house and shot them, and shot them dead on his property,” said Forester.

Hunt County Constable, Terry Jones investigated those claims, but said he found no evidence of any attack.

Forester claims the dogs belong to a neighbor.

The dogs were found by another person in a ditch on the side of the road, just a few miles from Conatser’s house.

A state statute says a dog or coyote that attacks livestock or domestic animals may be killed by the animals’ owner if discovered on their property as it’s happening or right after.

At the Union Valley Fire Department, the Chief says they’ve received death threats.

“We’ve had comments all the way from England, Portugal, Canada, a lot of them negative. I would say for every negative comment, I’d say we had five in our favor,” said Edward Ragsdale, Union Valley Fire Chief.

The Chief says Conatser called him and resigned from the volunteer fire department.

“He says he apologized and he’s guilty of posting this on Facebook. He’s young and he realizes what he did was wrong,” said Chief Ragsdale.

A Facebook post from the Union Valley Fire Department asked all people to call local authorities if they wanted to persuade them to file charges on Conatser.

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