Washington Nationals Fan Gets Extremely Optimistic/Dumb Tattoo

(KRON) — Washington Nationals fans are known for their loyalty.  Their decision making?  Not so much.  Pete Johnson of Silver Spring, Maryland, is so confident in his team, he preemptively predicted the Nat’s 2015 World Series victory in the form of indelible ink.

“I regret nothing,” said Johnson, who got “Nationals World Series Champs 2015” tatted on his left foot after walking by a tattoo parlor with a friend.

“We walked by the shop and I jokingly said ‘Should we get tattoos?'”  Come playoff season, he’s hopeful he won’t have to put that same foot in his mouth.

The internet’s reaction has been polarizing.

“Not a fan of the Washington Rationals” quipped local artist Ryan Martinez.

“That better be washable!” said Johnson’s mother, Cathy Bryan Johnson.

Johns Hopkins Nurse Brittany Moyer simply declared “it’s perfect.”

Love it or hate it, Johnson has a great attitude about the ink.

“I can always get 2015 crossed out to say 2016,” he said, “if not, I have a whole leg.”

(Copyright 2015 KRON. All rights reserved.)

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