Concord Lottery Winner Plans on Sharing Million Dollar Jackpot with Sons

CONCORD (KRON) — A Concord father has decided to split his million dollar lotto jackpot with his two sons, lottery officials said today.  Vasiliy Sholokhov purchased 10 lotto tickets for the February 28th drawing for he and his two sons, Danil and Vitaliy in hopes of snagging the top powerball prize of $80 million.

Sholokhov fell one number short of the grand-prize, but still landed a cool $1,021,713 before taxes, lottery officials said.

Despite hedging his bets with 10 tickets, the win was a “big surprise,” Sholokhov said.

Along with sharing his winnings, he plans on paying off some mortgages.  The clerk at Monument Wines and Spirits on Monument Boulevard who sold him the tickets also will receive a prize of just over $5,000.

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