Unfortunate Dress Exposes Risks of Online Shopping

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Another dress pic has gone viral. Only this time, the images call into question not only the fashion sensibilities of some but also highlight the hazards of online shopping.

To understand why the photo has gone viral, we’ll need to go back to 2013’s “Thor: The Dark World” premiere in which actress Jaimie Alexander was snapped wearing a revealing black gown with decorative see-through panels down the front and back that barely covered her essential bits.

Fast forward to today; a second photo surfaced on social media showing a woman modeling a similar dress she purchased online, offering further proof that sometimes it’s better to visit the brick-and-mortar shops to try on clothing in a dressing room.

Clearly, not everyone can pull off Alexander’s look, and users on the internet dutifully remind us of this fact. People hopped on the social media networks to post their fashion review of the dress. The sheer panels on the knock-off reveal even more of the goods than the authentic version.

“It’s a ridiculous design anyway! Why would any woman in their right mind want a dress of this design?” asked Bob Bryson on KRON 4’s Facebook page.

The woman, while less sculpted than her Hollywood counterpart, more accurately represents the 93 million female shoppers in the U.S. that buy in the double-digit size range.

The slinky dress, offered through the Chinese site Taobao, an overseas version of Amazon, describes the slinky frock as a “European and American nightclub sexy dress.”

But Twitter’s fashion police won’t spoil the unidentified woman’s excitement over her purchase. Turns out she hopped on Taobao’s website and posted the photo, along with a few more pics, with the caption, “Baby has been received, the quality is very good, very sexy, the next will come again.”



While it's not the exact dress Alexander wore, you have to admit it certainly looks like it.

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