Video Purports To Show Thieves Breaking Into Car In Oakland

OAKLAND (KRON) — A KRON 4 viewer tweeted a video link to People Behaving Badly’s Stanley Roberts purporting to show three thieves breaking into two cars parked in a Starbucks parking lot in broad daylight in Oakland.

It’s unknown if the theft was reported to Oakland police, but the video shows one person breaking the window of one car while another person reaches into a silver SUV parked on the street.

The person who sent the video, Vinny MaNguyen, says the alleged break-in happened at Estuary Cove located at 1211 Embarcadero.

It’s unclear when the video was shot.

Stanley Roberts says, “watch the guy looking in the other car on the street … had he seen something, that car would have been broken into as well.”

“Remember, it only takes 6 seconds to break in your car … hide your stuff.”

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