Nude photos of Bay Area high school students found online

ORINDA (KRON) — Hundreds of underage photos of nude girls were found and exposed by 15-year-old Sofia Ruiz, whom shared the secret in her Miramonte High School article in Orinda.

There were around 650 nude snapshots of underage girls found on Dropbox which was a secret between teenagers in the Lafayette, Moraga, and Orinda areas. Ruiz’s story titled, “Lamorinda Nudes Dropbox Must Come Down.”  

According to Miramonte High School Principal Julie Parks, the school did not know the site existed. Through reading Ruiz’s article, Parks says they were able to partner with the local police departments and do a further investigation.

According to the Moraga Police Department, most of the victims were unable to be recognized. However those of them that have been identified are Moraga residents, but the photos are several years old. Those victims did not want to cooperate, and no suspects have been found yet.

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