Push for pedestrian safety in the Tenderloin and SoMa


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — In an effort to reduce pedestrian and bicycle deaths, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency launched Vision Zero safety projects, aimed specifically at traffic-accident prone neighborhoods.

The push includes the Tenderloin Daylight Project which increases pedestrian visibility in the Tenderloin by removing visual impediments within a minimum of 10 feet of a crosswalk or intersection.

“By clearing space near crosswalks, people about to cross the street are much easier for drivers to spot,” Transportation officials said.

“The Tenderloin is one of the densest neighborhoods in the city with a high concentration of families and a growing senior population who don’t own cars,” said District 6 Supervisor, Jane Kim. “This neighborhood is also home to many of San Francisco’s highest injury corridors. Our residents advocated for safer streets and daylighting is a simple and cost effective solution to increase everyone’s visibility — pedestrians, cyclists and drivers,” said Kim,  “We want to end injuries and deaths in this neighborhood.”

The network is made up of 12 percent of city streets that account for 70 percent of severe and fatal traffic injuries across all modes of transportation.

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