Lewd Conduct Leads To S. Bay Bar’s Liquor License Suspension

SAN JOSE (BCN) — A San Jose bar has had its liquor license suspended for 30 days for selling drinks after hours and allowing performers to engage in lewd conduct, according to the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control.

The VIP Lounge, also known as El Carnaval, at 358 N. White Road was the subject of an undercover investigation conducted by ABC agents. Investigators found that dancers in the bar were engaged in sexually oriented entertainment not permitted at an ABC-licensed business, according to ABC spokesman John Carr.

“Employees permitted female entertainers to provide lap dances where the entertainers simulated an act of sexual intercourse,” Carr said. Agents also discovered that VIP Lounge employees were selling drinks outside of their permitted hours.

The venue is owned by Javier Lopez, according to Santa Clara County documents. A translator named Anna, who declined to give her last name, spoke on Lopez’s behalf. Anna said the ABC’s allegations are not true. She said there are a number of strip clubs in the vicinity and some of the dancers brought clients or “boyfriends” to give them lap dances.

“We don’t allow that in the bar, however because of the bars around us, these girls who perform these types of dances, they’re clever and bring customers to my bar,” Anna said. She said the undercover agents may have mistakenly thought the dancers worked for the VIP Lounge.

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