TECH REPORT: Don’t cut the cord without first comparing these streaming media players

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — There are a ton of media streaming players out there. For many consumers trying to cut the cord and make the leap to streaming media players, the many choices could be daunting.

Streaming media players are the little gadgets that you plug into your living room TV. They connect to your home wifi and then let you watch content from the internet on demand.

I want to show you a little comparison of these players, what they cost and what you get for the money.

I chose three popular ones to focus on today: Google’s Chromecast, the Apple TV box, and Amazon’s Fire TV Box.

Let’s look at prices first.

The Google Chromecast is the cheapest at $35. The Apple TV is $69. And the Amazon Fire TV Box is $99

Each of these devices will let you rent or buy tv shows or movies to stream on demand. They all feature the most popular streaming channels like YouTube, Netflix, HBO go, Hulu, and Pandora.

The Apple TV and Amazon Box come with a handy remote control. But, with the Chromecast, you use your laptop, phone, or tablet to control the device.

So, if you’re looking for the most affordable way to get into the streaming game and be able to do the most popular stuff, Google’s Chromecast is the way to go, and it’s only $35.

Now the apple tv is the only streaming player on the market to have “HBO Now”, that’s the new service just announced that let’s people stream all of HBO’s content for $15 per month without having to subscribe to a cable service.

So, if you’re looking to cut the cable cord and you love HBO the Apple TV could be for you.

I also recommend the Apple TV to anyone who uses apple computers, the iPhone or iPad. Because you can easily mirror what’s on your apple device to your TV wirelessly through the Apple TV box.

The amazon fire tv is the most expensive at $99 but in many ways it’s worth it. I think it has the best user interface.
It’s faster moving than the others. And it loads videos a lot quicker.

It features a ton of video games you can play with the remote control.

Or, you can buy this separate pro gaming controller to use with it. And i love the voice search feature, and it works by talking into the remote.

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