Missing Vallejo Woman Found Safe


HUNTINGTON BEACH (KRON) — Denise Huskins of Vallejo who has been missing since Monday has been found safe in Orange County, according to police.

Her cousin announced that 30-year-old Denise Huskins was found just before 10 a.m. Wednesday morning in Huntington Beach.

The Huntington Beach Police Department’s public information page also confirmed that she was found stating, “Yes, we can confirm she is safe in Huntington Beach, the investigation is still active.”

There is no word on her condition yet.

Audrey Cooper, who is the Editor in Chief of the SF Chronicle stated, “Our No. 1 concern through this was that Ms. Huskins would be delivered safely to her family. We are thankful that has happened. We received an e-mail yesterday from a person who claimed to be the kidnapper. We decided not to release details of that communication until Ms. Huskins was found safely. Now that she has, we have released the communication on our websites.”

Originally, Vallejo police thought that Huskins may have been taken from her Mare Island house against her will and treated the case as a kidnapping and ransom.

Tuesday, searchers found some indication that a mass about the size of an adult may have been submerged on the Mare Island waterfront.

Dive teams went out and searched the area, but did not find anything significant.

Early Wednesday morning, Vallejo Police announced that unless something major happens, they will not provide any updates until 3 p.m. Wednesday afternoon.

Vallejo Police have yet to make a comment about these developments.

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