Oakland high school to discuss attacks by security guards

OAKLAND (KRON) — Parents, community members and students plan on attending tonight’s Oakland school board meeting to discuss several incidents in which school security guards have allegedly beaten students.

According to Ronald Cruz, an attorney for the activist group ‘By Any Means Necessary’, speakers tonight will ask for the dismissal of the security guards who attacked a student last year.  The incident was made public after several months of administrative cover-up.

Cruz represents the student who was attacked by two security guards at Fremont High School in January.  According to the student, he was called to the office for an unknown reason, when the two guards attacked.

Cruz said footage of the incident that was only recently made public by the school district shows student Jonathan Rodriguez standing in a doorway at Fremont High when he is confronted by two security guards, one of whom shoves him from the back.

At one point Rodriguez was put in a chokehold and had his arm twisted, according to Cruz.

According to Cruz, the beat-down was unprovoked.  There were two other similar incidents involving school security guards in May, when a guard administered corporal punishment, which is a felony.  The student attacked was wheelchair-bound and attended Oakland High School.

Cruz is calling for the firing of superintendent Wilson as well.

School district spokesman Troy Flint said the two security guards who were involved in the alleged attack on Rodriguez have been placed on paid administrative leave while the district investigates the matter.

The school board meeting is scheduled to start at 5 pm. today at La Escuelita School at 1050 2nd Avenue in Oakland.

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