Bizarre Details in Vallejo Kidnapping Hoax

VALLEJO (KRON) — An already bizarre story, the kidnapping hoax of Vallejo woman Denise Huskins, has taken another twist.

The Chronicle is reporting that they received email threats from people claiming to be Huskins’ kidnappers.

The emails say that the kidnapping was real, and not a hoax.

Monday, the Chronicle says that they got another email, making threats against the Vallejo Police unless they apologize to Huskins and her boyfriend, Aaron Quinn by noon Tuesday.

According to the Chronicle, the email says, “The message included a veiled threat: If Vallejo police — and specifically Lt. Kenny Park, a spokesman for the department — did not apologize by noon Tuesday, “I/we may be the direct agent of harm. But it will be made crystal clear that the Vallejo Police Department, and you, Mr. Park, had every opportunity to stop it.”

KRON 4’s Will Tran has more details in this video report.

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