Odd Taste In East Bay Water Explained

EAST BAY (BCN) —  East Bay Municipal Utility District customers noticed an
unusual taste and odor in their water over the weekend after the district
made a change in how water was collected because of the drought, EBMUD
officials said Tuesday.
A greater presence of algae blooms caused the change in taste, but
the algae was filtered out before reaching customers and the water continued
to meet all health standards, according to the district.
Most water delivered by EBMUD comes from the Pardee Reservoir in
the Sierra foothills. The water district is required to preserve cold water
deep in the reservoir to release later in the year for returning salmon,
EMBUD officials said.
Because of that, the district switched on Saturday to pulling
warmer water from higher in the reservoir. Such water has more algae than
water deeper in the reservoir, EBMUD officials said.
While the algae is filtered at the district’s treatment plants,
taste and odors from it can be left behind in the water. It is not dangerous
and the water continued to meet all state and federal health standards, EBMUD
officials said.
The district switched back to taking water from deeper in the
reservoir on Monday to consider ways to eliminate the unusual taste and odor.
EBMUD customers may notice more changes to tap water for the rest of the
week, according to the district.
Chilling the water or running it through a charcoal filter can
also help reduce unpleasant tastes and odors.
Any EBMUD customers concerned about the quality of their water can
call (866) 403-2683.

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