PG&E Makes Major Donation to Non-Profit to Replace Stolen Items

SUISON CITY (BCN) —  The Salvation Army has started repairing their Mobile Assistance
Vehicle and ordered parts to replace the communications equipment stolen last
week during an overnight auto-burglary in Suisun City.
The theft was discovered Wednesday morning by staff members at the
Kroc Center at 586 E. Wigeon Way. The items stolen included a laptop
computer, a Xerox copier/printer, an LCD monitor and a Cisco wireless data
PG&E donated $5,000 to get the vehicle up and running again,
according to the Salvation Army’s Solano County Coordinator Capt. Jonathan
Harvey. A portion of the money will also be used to install a comprehensive
security system.
“PG&E has been very supportive in the past of different programs
we do in this community,” Harvey said. “They saw the news and recognized that
they had the ability to do something about this. They were very gracious and
wanted to see us up and running as quickly as possible.”
Harvey said that all of the equipment has been ordered, and those
orders have been expedited.
“We should have all the equipment by Friday, and be operational
again early next week,” Harvey said.
The Mobile Assistance Vehicle had only been in service for one day
when the break-in and equipment theft occurred last week, according to
Tuesday it had been deployed to provide food support to search and
rescue teams operating in Vallejo, and the vehicle had also been sent out as
part of the Salvation Army’s utility assistance program that day, according
to Harvey.
Harvey said the Salvation Army still hopes to recover the stolen
equipment, including a distinctive commercial-grade wireless router with
antennae attached, but so far he hasn’t heard of any leads.
“I know the Suisun City Police Department is working diligently on
that, as well as the Solano County Sheriffs Office,” Harvey said.
Anyone with information about the theft or the whereabouts of the
Salvation Army’s stolen property is encouraged to contact the Suisun City
Police Department at (707) 421-7373.

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