400 pound “nuisance” alligator relocated to Texas preserve

GROVES, Texas (KRON/AP) — Workers at an animal preserve safely hauled a 400-pound alligator out of a Southeast Texas pond Tuesday.

The animal now has a new home at the Gator Country animal preserve.

Gator Country owner Gary Saurage tells KRON 4 that a resident recently contacted him asking him to remove the so-called nuisance alligator from a rural pond where children swim. The animal was described as aggressive.

Saurage went to the swampy site to rope and remove the 11-foot male alligator, which he estimates is 35 to 40 years old.

He says it is still early in the season to come across a gator that large.

The reptile now joins more than 400 other alligators at the preserve in Beaumont, Texas.

Saurage says his new resident is healthy and that he’s happy to give the “majestic animal” a new home.

The biggest creature at Gator Country is a 12 foot, 6 inch alligator nicknamed Kong.

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