Judge denies placement of sexually violent predator anywhere in Solano County

FAIRFIELD (BCN) — A judge in Solano County Superior Court ruled today against placing a sexually violent predator anywhere in Solano County when he is released from a state mental hospital.

Judge Arvid Johnson denied placing 51-year-old Fraisure Smith in the Willotta Drive neighborhood of Fairfield because of its proximity to Solano Community College, where the female students are consistent with Smith’s past victim profile, according to Solano County District Attorney Krishna Abrams, who opposed the placement there.

The judge also refused to release Smith on transient status without a fixed address. Abrams’ office also opposed that release, arguing it would be virtually impossible to supervise him in the community.

Abrams said Liberty Healthcare, which is contracted by the state’s conditional release program, CONREP, had looked at 1,700 placement possibilities in Solano County and none were found suitable.

Smith was sentenced to prison in 2006 after he pleaded no contest to assault with intent to commit rape. A jury in July 2010 agreed with Abram’s office that Smith was a sexually violent predator and Smith was committed to Coalinga State Hospital on July 24, 2010.

Smith filed a petition for conditional release and unconditional discharge in April 2012.

In November 2013, the court ordered him released to CONREP, which since then sought a placement that was not within a one-quarter mile of a public or private school with students in grades kindergarten through 12. On Feb. 23, CONREP recommended that Smith be placed on Willotta Drive in Fairfield.

Judge Arvid today scheduled a hearing for June 10 to determine if CONREP has found a suitable placement in an adjacent county.

Smith’s attorney, James McEntee Jr., was not available for comment this afternoon.

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