Tech Report: Touch sensor bug, 300 emojies in Apple’s latest iOS update

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — iOS 8.3 brings a lot of changes to the devices. There are 300 new emojies, Siri got a little makeover and Apple maps has been improved.

But before we get to that, some users who have ran the update are having problems with their touch ID sensor.

On Reddit, Apple support pages, different iPhone forums and message boards, people have complained about their touch ID sensor having problems after running the 8.3 update.

Owners are saying that touch ID works to unlock the phone, but it doesn’t work to authorize purchases in the iTunes and app store. After trying to replicate the problem, we found that it only affects some users.

Some of the biggest changes iOS 8.3 brought was to Apple Maps.

The mapping service now allows for users to take any contact with an address and create a route without having to plug-in the contact’s location. When using Apple Maps, one can tap the Search field, select favorites, locate contacts at the bottom, and choose an individual with a saved address.

Apple Maps also now offers a “3D Flyover tour” with Maps. With select locations, such as New York City, users can take a virtual, helicopter-like tour. As users are “flying,” the digital guide will pause over popular destinations such as the Statue of Liberty. The tour was not seamless though and often took a moment to load the full graphics of an area.

The company also introduced other transit recommendations in Apple Maps. Now when customers type an address into the Search bar, options for Drive, Walk, and Apps will appear underneath. If someone does not like the route Apple’s service chose, Apple Maps will access all other transit applications as alternatives.

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