Toronto police officer takes a stand against bullying and homophobia

Source: Twitter

TORONTO (KRON) — A police officer in Toronto is trending, but not because of his police work.

No, Luke Watson is trending because of his hair.

Watson decided to go pink to take a stand against homophobia and bullying.

Watson dyed his blonde hair hot pink to fight LGBT discrimination, and he’s letting Twitter users decide how long he keeps his new hair.

Wilson promised for for ever 1,000 retweets of a picture of his new style, he’ll keep the hair color for another week.

Every 100 retweets means another day of pink hair.

The first picture to #StopBullyingNow went viral, getting 1,000 retweets within two hours.

As of Thursday morning, Watson was up for 1,400 tweets and the hashtag DayOfPink and StopBullyingNow were trending along with the photo.





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