Nation’s Most Innovative-Inclusive Park Opens in Palo Alto

PALO ALTO (KRON)– The Magical Bridge Playground is designed and built for kids and adults with disabilities so that they can play side by side with everyone else, regardless of their physical abilities.

Palo Alto Celebrates Opening of Nation’s Most Inclusive Park

KRON 4’s Annie Andersen was there for the grand opening on Saturday.

Every part of the playground is accessible.

Slides are wider, swings are safer and spinning playground equipment is built to allow wheelchairs.

The playground cost about $4 million to build, but approximately 90 percent of that came from private donations.

It cost so much because each piece cost about $50,000. Which is something Magical Bridge’s Jill Asher hopes to change by convincing others to build accessible playgrounds and companies to build more affordable inclusive playground equipment.

The Magical Bridge Playground is located at 600 East Meadow Street in Palo Alto.

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