Viral invitation: Parents send demanding letter for child’s first birthday

(KRON) — In an age of helicopter parents, these two might take the (birthday) cake.  In preparation for their child’s first birthday, two parents penned an incredibly demanding, specific list of present requests for party attendees.

The letter, which was posted April 12 on the social site Reddit says, “With (name withheld)’s birthday coming up, we thought we’d ask for 4 items that he will really get a lot of use out of in the coming months.”

“We’re asking for gifts only from grandparents and the direct aunt/uncle for (name withheld)’s birthday party, and similar to Christmas, would like to restrict it to 2 items per household.”

The post doesn’t reveal who penned the letter or where the super fun birthday party is going to take place.

The letter goes on to ban any present with the child’s name on it, stating; “Clothing with names is the #1 that leads to kidnapping,” the parents said, “so we don’t need to broadcast (name withheld)’s name on clothing or toys.”

The best part? This isn’t even the actual invite.  All the elite attendees have a formal invitation to look forward to, which will undoubtedly be equally ridiculous.



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