Abandoned students lash back at Kamala Harris over Heald College shut down

FILE - In this Oct. 10, 2013 file photo, California Attorney General Kamala Harris gestures while standing by a display showing an internal document showing the target demographic of Corinthian Colleges, during a news conference in San Francisco. Harris sued the college company, alleging it misrepresented job placement rates and school programs to lure low-income state residents.

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Attorney General Kamala Harris is celebrating a victory following the abrupt closures of Corinthian College, the for-profit chain of colleges she is accusing of preying “on the educational dreams of vulnerable people.”

The college may be out of business, but the shut down has abandoned over 16,000 students, including the thousands attending schools in California. Six of the campuses were located in the Bay Area.

“Federal and state regulators rightly acted to prevent taxpayer dollars from flowing to Corinthian, which preyed on the educational dreams of vulnerable people such as low-income individuals, single mothers and veterans by misleading students and investors about job placement rates and course offerings,” Harris said in a statement.

Corinthian’s decision to close its schools came less than two weeks after the U.S. Department of Education announced it was fining the institution $30 million.

In a lawsuit filed in October 2013, Harris alleges that Corinthian misrepresented job placement rates to students and investors, advertised for programs that it did not offer, and subjected students to unlawful debt collection practices. The case is still in progress.

Student sentiment across the Bay Area is equal parts frustration and confusion. Social media users are lashing back at the attorney general on her Facebook page for forcing Corinthian out of business only weeks — or even days — before they were to graduate with a degree.

“UC students were also lied to, told that their tuition would only go up 10% when it fact it suddenly skyrocketed 200%! UC also ‘preyed on the educational dreams of vulnerable people such as low-income individual,'” said Facebook user Leslie Eckles.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Attorney General Kamala Harris’ statement on Corinthian Colleges closures and social media reaction

The displaced students are now faced with the tough decision of either finding another school or ask to have their loan debt discharged. If they find another school willing to accept their credits, they won’t qualify to have their existing loans discharged. Those that decide to have their loan discharged will lose their credits and would have to start their education all over.

Bethany Knottingham: I was two quarters away from graduation. You have hindered me from accomplishing my goals along with so many other students….. Now I am having to face finding another school that have 2 years waiting lists…. I hope you remember the lives you have destroyed when elections come around.

James Camoza: What new path? You didn’t send me a new path.
You are just selfish woman with a vendetta against Heald.
I graduated from there and was employed a week later. You not only took away hope for many students, but you put people out of a job yesterday. You destroyed live. You.
Hope you sleep well on the bed of lies you told yourself to get here.

Torrie Greenblat: Heald college was an incredible school. I received a fantastic education from them and had my degree ripped away from me. I was externing at the UC Davis medical clinic in Roseville and had a job opportunity for after I graduated July 5th. Thank you so much Kamala for taking that away from my family and I. You really made the right choice. I’m so glad you “helped me” and “protected” me. #ilovehealdcollege #saveheald

Kelly K Bance: You may have helped those in debt who couldn’t obtain employment. What about the single mothers that you have now left with nothing. .like myself? Do you know what its like to live in a state with the highest cost of living and the highest unemployment rate? Not only have you taken away my education but also my employment. I found joy in tutoring my fellow classmates. You may have punished CCi but you ruined the lives of so many in Hawaii and in your home state of California. You will never be able to live this down. For as much good you think you have done, you have killed the one thing many of us had going right in our life. Thank you Ms. Harris. You are what they call Haole…. Without breath!!!! Hewa! Shame.

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