Missing Petaluma man confirmed alive following Nepal quake

SANTA ROSA (KRON) – A Petaluma native is alive after he was initially missing following the deadly earthquake that struck Nepal.

21-year-old Spencer Dickinson was in the country on a six-month “spiritual journey” to Asia when the magnitude 7.8 earthquake hit.

He had been missing since major quake struck.

His father, Bob Dickinson, said the 2011 Petaluma High School graduate called him over satellite phone around 7:50 Tuesday evening.

His father transcribed the phone call on to the website started for the missing man. It read:

“At 7:52 PM I received a call from an unknown satellite phone. It was Spencer calling me from somewhere on the slopes of Everest. I screamed in elated excitement… Spencer said dad be quiet I’m on a satellite phone and I only have a few moments. Call my mom and tell her I’m okay I’m getting on a helicopter off the mountain to Kathmandu. They are taking lots of bodies out of here. I got to go dad I love you.”

Dickinson’s mother, Lisa Rosenbush, said she hasn’t slept since her son went missing. “I can’t wait to sleep,” she said.

Dickinson said he was OK but only had a few moments to talk. He said he was aboard a helicopter transporting dead bodies off Mount Everest.

His father said Dickinson “sounded good. He sounded strong.”

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