Neighbors trying to help homeless veteran find a home

MORGAN HILL (KRON) — Homeless veteran John Carey and his cat Sunrise are fixtures in downtown Morgan Hill, willing to spread cheer and wisdom to anybody who passes by.

About a year ago, Carey lost his job and was hurt in a car accident. He’s been homeless ever since.

He now sleeps in an alley, behind a dumpster.

Despite his living situation, Carey remains positive., saying ” To live life is very exciting. The acronym for it is life is very exciting. I get out of it what I put back into it.”

He doesn’t know it yet, but Carey’s situation could soon change, thanks to help from a group of Morgan Hill residents, led by Kerry O’Malley.

They have started a fund to help Carey find a place to live. O’Malley says their fundraising is going fairly well, “We’ve gotten small donations, big donations. We’ve gotten people contacting us to say how can we help. Can we buy him food; can we buy his cat food?”

If they can find a place to hook it up, there is a fifth wheel trailer ready for Carey to live in.

O’Malley has worked tirelessly, spearheading this campaign to help Carey saying. It starts with one person and this one person impressed me so much that I couldn’t walk away and do nothing.”

Carey is currently doing odd jobs for people in exchange for food for himself and Sunrise.

“He’s not looking for a hand out. He’s looking for a hand up,” said O’Malley.

To contribute to the fundraising effort, click here for a link to a GoFundMe account.

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