People Behaving Kindly: Paying it forward

Photo courtesy Jason Craig

MOUNTAIN VIEW (KRON) — A mysterious restaurant customer in Mountain View thanked a group of local police officers in a big way Monday “for their service.”

Jason Craig posted a photo on his Facebook page with a caption telling the story of a group of motorcycle officers who were eating lunch at Taqueria Los Charros in Mountain View at around noon.

The photo shows two $20 bills folded in half next a note that reads, “Please put this towards the officers tab. Thank them for their service.”

“I cannot begin to express how refreshing it is to know that we are appreciated. A re-assuring sign that society as a whole, has not thrown us away. To the anonymous person, thank you once again, you definitely brightened our day!! ‪#‎TaqueriaLosCharros‬ ‪#‎UnitedWeStand,” he wrote.

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