Serial stowaway busted again, this time at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport

CHICAGO (KRON) — Authorities say a Bay Area woman with a history of boarding airplanes without a ticket was caught loitering in a restricted area without a ticket.

Chicago police say that Marilyn Hartman, 63, was caught April 24 at about 4 p.m. while loitering in a restricted area near the ticketing counter in Chicago O’Hare International Airport’s international terminal.

Police say that she did not have a ticket or a reason for being in the airport.

Hartman was charged with misdemeanor trespassing and released. She is due back in court at the end of month.

Back in August, Hartman was arrested for stowing away on a flight from San Jose to Los Angeles. She was put on two years’ probation after she pleaded no contest to willfully and unlawfully entering the city as a stowaway. She was barred from being at the airport without a ticket.

Hours later, Hartman was arrested again after airport police spotted her wandering through the terminals.

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