Woman slashed face of boyfriend’s dead ex at funeral home, say police

OKLAHOMA (KRON) — Oklahoma police have arrested a woman who allegedly slashed the face of her boyfriend’s dead ex-girlfriend during her funeral viewing last Friday.

Shaynna Smith, 28, of Tulsa, is being charged with illegal dissection of a body.

Police arrested Smith at the dead woman’s apartment. They say she was carrying a folding knife with the woman’s hair still attached.

Tulsa police say that Smith slashed the unidentified woman’s face from her hairline to the tip of her nose. The deceased woman’s makeup had been smeared and there was a clump of hair on the floor, according to police.

Smith allegedly stole her shoes.

Police say that the woman’s friends and family entered the viewing room to pay their respects. “When they entered, they observed at least one female with their hands inside the casket,” police said.

Smith then went to the dead woman’s home “under the pretense that she was sent there to receive jewelry so that she could take it back and put it on the deceased for viewing,” Tulsa police Sgt. Shane Tuell told local news station KJRH.

When officers arrived at the home, they found Smith, who had a knife with pieces of hair on it, Ashley said.

Smith’s boyfriend used to date the deceased 38-year-old woman. Her cause of death was not disclosed.

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