Cat missing for months back at home in Novato

NOVATO (KRON) — Boo, a cat who went missing while in boarding, is back home after being lost for more than three months.

Boo went missing in March while the little kitty was being boarded at Bridewell Hilltop Kennels in Novato.

Boo’s guardian of more than six years, Buffy Ford Stewart, had the kennel company watch her cat for two days while she moved out of her home.

A manager at Bridewell Hilltop said that Boo’s escape was the first time in her eight years at the kennel that a pet had escaped.

Boo escaped while a keeper was cleaning her cage and left a door open.

Since Boo went missing, Stewart had been frantically searching for the Manx cat. She posted fliers and ads online.

Finally, somebody spotted Boo on Sutton Lane, just across a ravine from the kennel company.

With some help, Stewart was able to catch Boo.

Other than being thinner and dehydrated, Boo is in good health.

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