Missing dad, kids reunited with family after being lost in Sierra foothills

(KRON) — New details tonight in that case of a missing Bay Area family and what is happening now that the family is back safely home.

Nick Vlahos and his family were lost for several days last week when their vehicle broke down in the Sierra foothills.

Vlahos says he is very sorry for all of the trouble and concern he caused. He never wanted all of this attention and feels a bit embarrassed and ashamed about all that happened, according to his sister Katrina Wehmyer.

At the Vlahos family home in the East Bay, his sister and other family members are helping out as Nick tried to piece together what happened.

“I think he feels bad and a bit embarrassed, but we are not,” said Wehmyer. “We are just glad he is OK.”

Nick explained that the truck got stuck after he took the wrong road, attempting to show his two children, Mila and Nick Jr., some mining towns. The three came across a downed tree in the road and instead of turning back, he tried to go around it but got stuck.

“We had a good Mothers Day, it was good to be together. We went to REI and Nick got a gps, in case he is every lost again,”said Wehmyer.

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