Awning mistakenly taken down in Oakland

OAKLAND (KRON) — It was there, and then it wasn’t.

Security camera video show three contractors taking down the awning at Center Stage Salon and Chi, Wind and Water in Oakland’s Lake Merritt neighborhood.

The owners of the stores didn’t think much of their missing awnings at first, each thinking the other had ordered a new one. But once they got together, they realized their awning had been taken.

This could have been an easy solve for police officers, the contractors showed up in a marked car showing the name of their company.

This brazen theft stumped KRON4’s Stanley Roberts who decided to d a little digging.

It seems this wasn’t a theft, but a case of mistaken identity. The awning removal team was supposed to remove the owning from the T-Mobile store just a few doors down, but they took the wrong one.

But this story will have a happy ending. The owners of the two stores called the awning company and learned that the Antioch based company is going to replace their awning in what ever color they want.

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