Tech Report: Annual Maker Faire heading to San Mateo

SAN MATEO (KRON) — More than 150,000 people attended last year and even more are expected at this year’s Annual Maker Faire in San Mateo.

This is a family friend event and open to the public.

It will feature all sorts of new technology and science; from robots to metal working and even drones. The one catch, everything at the fair must be made at home.

The maker culture emphasizes a hand-on approach to learning with makers coming from all walks of life. There will be students, professionals, rich, poor, old and young all debuting their creations at the Maker Fair.

Creators will work in their garage, basements and backyards, building projects from metal, plastics, wood and cloth just to name a few. Any material is fair fame, as long as people found it around their houses.

The Annual Maker Fair is all about innovation, ingenuity, invention, creativity and most of all inspiration.

The 2015 Maker Faire Bay Area is happening this weekend at the San Mateo Event Center.

The event runs through the weekend; Saturday, 5/16 (10am–8pm) and Sunday, 5/17 (10am–6pm).

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