Palo Alto school installs first water bottle filling station

PALO ALTO (BCN)–Student organizations and individuals at a Palo Alto high school have unveiled the school’s first water bottle filling station, according to school officials.

The first filling station was installed on Earth Day on Gunn High School to curb the use of plastic water bottles on campus. Students Aitan Grossman and Josh Kaplan began campaigning last March to stop the sale of single-use water bottles and asked for money for filling stations.

The students recognized that single-use bottles are a burden to the environment, a user’s health and the economy.

The stations allow students to fill up and drink from refillable water bottles, a more environmentally friendly way for students to stay hydrated.

A documentary called “Tapped” inspired the students and they gathered 500 signatures in support from students and teachers. Palo Alto residents also showed support.
“Josh and I were blown away by the support we received from Gunn students and staff, and even concerned Palo Alto citizens,” Grossman said in a statement. “We started out afraid that our petition would be seen as radical, but our campaign was met with high fives and enthusiasm all around.”

The team that secured the stations believes that they are more than a step for health, the environment and the economy.
It’s about fostering a community of “resilient, responsible, respectful, contributing citizens,” as Gunn High School’s mission statement says.

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