Napa County using facial recognition to identify lost pets

NAPA (KRON) — The Napa County Animal Shelter is using facial recognition technology to help dog owners reunite with their lost pet.

Every dog that enters the shelter’s system is registered on Finding Rover, a mobile app and website that allows users to search for missing dogs with their smartphone or computer, said the shelter.

The shelter says it’s the first shelter in Northern California to use the technology.

Pet owners are invited to register their animals using the app. As part of the process, owners snap a close-up photo of their dog’s face, mark the nose and eyes, and then the system scans the dog’s unique features creating a photo ID of the pet.

If their dog is ever lost, the record will already be in the shelter’s system, and the pet can be quickly identified with technology.

“Dogs are part of the family, and when they go missing it’s heartbreaking,” said Kristen Loomer, shelter manager. “With Finding Rover, we’re now able to help protect pets and provide owners with another tool in case their dogs are lost.”

Registration is free and protects the animal for life.

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