Friends react to murder charges for Livermore DUI suspect

LIVERMORE (KRON) — Saturday will mark 3 weeks since a mother and her infant daughter were killed in Livermore when a car jumped a curb, hitting them.

Friday, the Alameda County District Attorney charged the driver who killed them with murder.

Tests indicate that Brian Jones had a blood alcohol level of 0.14 at the time of the accident. Investigators were able to determine that Jones was driving at speeds of up to 99 miles-per-hour in a posted 35 miles-per-hour zone when the crash happened.

050515 Livermore mom baby

Along with the two people that died in the accident, forty-six-year-old Seaside resident Esperanza Morales-Rodriguez and her 14-month-old daughter Ulidia Perez-Morales, another person became ill in the wake of the accident. That family member has an aneurysm, an is recovering in the hospital right now.

With the new charges, friends and family are saying that they can start the recovery process, and that justice is being served.

According to the family, Jones will be in court on Tuesday, and the family plans to be there to show their support for Esperanza and her baby, Ulidia.

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