Oakland police rescue man kidnapped for ransom and held in trunk

OAKLAND (KRON) — An Oakland man was recovered safely Friday morning after being kidnapped for ransom the night before.

The adult male victim was found locked in the trunk of a car, with his hands and feet bound. He suffered only minor injuries and is now back at home with his family, according to Officer Frank Bonifacio.

Oakland police arrested two people for the kidnapping. Their names are not yet being released.

Lt. Nishant Joshi said the victim told police he didn’t know why he was kidnapped but authorities believe he was targeted. He said police are trying to determine if there was any prior relationship between the victim and the two suspects.

The man was kidnapped for at least 10 hours. Around 8 a.m. Friday, police were able to use technology that allowed them to track the kidnappers to a neighboring city.

Officers tried to stop their car, but when they attempted to pull it over, the suspects drove off, leading police on a chase.

The driver of the car crashed into another car, which is when police went in to arrest the duo.

Officers heard sounds coming from the trunk of the suspects’ car and when they opened the trunk they found the victim, who was bound, he said.

Other details surrounding the kidnapping, such as the amount of money the kidnappers requested, were not released. Oakland police said they were keeping some details to themselves since they are still investigating the crime and looking into if there were more than just the two men involved in the kidnapping.

Police are also looking into the possibility that the suspects committed other kidnappings.

Joshi said that police were called by the victim’s family Thursday night, when he wasn’t at a place where they had expected him to be.

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