People Behaving Badly: Tow truck drivers getting close calls

CAMPBELL (KRON) — A law passed in 2010 says that drivers must either slow down or move over if they see an emergency vehicle with its lights activated.

After getting a call about some close calls, KRON 4’s Stanley Roberts mounted a dash cam video to a tow truck to see how dangerous being a tow truck driver can be.

Stanley rode with Mike Frysinger from Dick’s Automotive in Campbell. Dick’s is a contractor for AAA, so they get called to a lot of vehicle break-downs.

According to national statistics, on average a tow truck operator is hit while working every six days.

Some people may argue that tow truck drivers should stay away from the side of the road to avoid getting hit, but the fact remains that the state law says drivers must move over or slow down for emergency vehicles.

This isn’t just a California law, most states in the country have a similar law.

The fine in California for not move over or slowing down is $367 and a point on your driver’s license.

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