Vallejo mom goes to confront school district about school safety

VALLEJO (KRON) — In 2012, LaDonna William’s young daughter was severely beaten by students at a Vallejo Middle, and it was all caught on video.

Williams is in the midst of a civil lawsuit against the Vallejo Unified School District for what happened to her daughter, who says she has lingering affects from the incident.

With the death of 17-year-old Max Rusk last Thursday, Williams wants something done about the safety in Vallejo schools.

Rusk was killed on a trail adjacent to Jesse Bethel High School in Vallejo.

Rusk’s parents, along with KRON 4, have tried to talk to Vallejo City Union School District superintendent, Dr. Ramona Bishop, but haven’t been successful since Bishop has refused to answer parent’s concerns regarding school safety.

Williams wasn’t happy with that, and decided to make an impromptu visit to the district office.

When she got there, Williams was told that Bishop wasn’t in the office, but would be back around 2 p.m.

Williams signed in and sat down to wait for Bishop to return.

Just a few minutes later, and administrative assistant told Williams that Bishop would not be returning to the office any time on Friday, and would not be able to meet with her.

That means, that once again, Dr. Bishop was not available to hear the concerns of a parent regarding the safety of students. That was upsetting for Williams who wants to ensure that no other students suffer the same fate as her daughter or Rusk.

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