Woman arrested, accused of stealing Zipcars in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Over a span six weeks, 76 Zipcars have been reported stolen in San Francisco.

However, when police arrested “Nicole” Ray Charles Dipo on April 12, it appeared those thefts stopped.

When Dipo was arrested in April, she was charged with stealing five Zipcars over the previous two months, said Max Szabo, a spokesman for the San Francisco district attorney’s office.

When authorities searched Dipo’s house, they found nine Zipcar access cards and eight devices used to override the ignition system, as well as soldering tools.

Dipo was released on bond on April 17.

The next day, on April 18, police say Dipo was seen getting into a Zipcar in front of her house. She was charged with stealing that vehicle and another one, increasing the number of counts to seven.

Some of the 76 Zipcars stolen during the crime way have been recovered, but some are still missing.

Dipo has only been charged with stealing seven Zipcars, but prosecutors have noticed a trend.

Between March 1 and Dipo’s arrest on April 12, 76 Zipcars were stolen. Because April 12, and May 15, only three were stolen.

Dipo has pleaded not guilty to all seven counts of auto theft and is now in jail in lieu of $225,000 bail.

Zipcar spokesperson Jennifer Matthews declined to comment, saying “as a matter of policy, we do not comment on investigations that are on-going.”

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